Cannabis Can Cure Brain Cancer

“Cannabis Can Cure Brain Cancer”


There’s a great deal of buzz regarding marijuana prescription or cannabis being of use in the therapy of mind cancer. It’s a stimulating concept, especially when you consider just how low-cost cannabis is to generate.

Yet certainly, we require to ask initially of the concept has value. How can marijuana even be utilized to treat brain cancer?

Today, we’ll talk about that, as well as brain cancer itself. It may help us get a far better point of view on marijuana’s possibility around.

Let’s note from the very beginning, though, that we will not be going into the lawful elements of obtaining marijuana for urgent care clinics. The regulations for this vary from state to state, nevertheless.


Medical Cannabis for Mind Cancer


Before we speak about utilizing medical cannabis to treat brain cancer, let’s discuss the disease itself. Brain cancer is a situation in which uncommon cells in the brain do not and also instead become growths.

Everyone has the possibility of getting mind cancer cells. Some threat variables enhance the probabilities of getting it, certainly, like a family history of cancer cells.

The best way to inform if a person has brain cancer is for them to undergo tests at urgent care service. However, there are some general signs to look out for, like these:


  •  Head discomforts as well as headaches.
  •  Sensory issues (problem with the eyes as well as ears, typically).
  •  A propensity to be off-balance.
  •  Seizures.
  •  Unusual speech.
  •  Noteworthy alterations to the individuality.
  •  Regular nausea or vomiting.


The more of these signs and symptoms exist, the greater the opportunities of a person having mind cancer cells. Individuals of any kind of age can get it, by the way, so remaining in a certain age group doesn’t always save you from this illness.

The earlier an individual is diagnosed, the far better. A lot of the survivors of mind cancer have a tendency to have actually been diagnosed early.

Anyhow, since we’ve covered that, allow’s discuss exactly how cannabis might be of use for those suffering from this disease.


What Research Study Says On Cannabis for Cancer Cells


Marijuana is now being proposed as a possible medication for brain cancer cells because of research studies that have revealed its capability to cause certain cells in the brain to self-destruct.

Now, you’re thinking that sounds bad. Why would you want any cells in the brain to self-destruct?

It’s because these cells are glioma initiators. Gliomas are among the most common types of brain cancer, and their development is spurred on by the cells we just mentioned.

So, when you destroy those cells, gliomas are less likely to progress. That’s obviously good news for the patient suffering from them!

It’s also worth noting that this suggests a nice, non-invasive option for treating this type of brain cancer in particular. That’s of value when you consider how difficult surgical treatment is of gliomas.

Add to this that studies also suggest that cannabis may be capable of hampering tumors when they try to create new blood vessels. That can further inhibit their growth and help keep cancer under control.


The Trials Thus Far


Now, all of that having been said, more research still has to be done to verify the use of cannabis for brain cancer. You see, most of the studies to date have just been done on preclinical trials.

That means the process hasn’t been tested on people yet. Instead, it’s been tested mostly on cells under a microscope or other living things.

Scientists still need to do further trials to verify the hypothesis that cannabis is useful for brain cancer patients. Fortunately, there are some such studies being carried out around the world now.

Until then, though, most of the success stories for cannabis being by brain cancer patients are anecdotal. But to be fair, there are a good number of them!


Anecdotes From Actual Patients


At the moment, most of the value of brain cancer patients get from using medical marijuana is palliative. They tend to use it mostly to relieve the pain they experience from both the disease and the treatments for it.

For example, a lot of them say that taking cannabis reduces their seizures and headaches. A great many of them also suggest that taking the drug helps them manage the stress of their condition.

Furthermore, many patients use it in order to reduce the pain they feel due to chemotherapy. Many say they feel it is a safer and more effective painkiller than many of the traditional options.


Last Word On Cannabis for Brain Cancer


In conclusion, cannabis may indeed be a promising possibility for the treatment and mitigation of pain felt by brain cancer patients. More clinical trials are necessary for a final word on this, however.

If scientists and doctors can dedicate sufficient time to investigating cannabis’s value here, a more precise schedule of treatments and dosages may be worked out for those using it.

Until then, those able to get their hands on it may likely just expect palliative effects, and not necessarily curative ones. Still, considering the pain involved with this disease, that’s a benefit worth looking at for most patients.